The Net is only as strong as its... GEEKEST LINK

Show the world what you're made of. It's OK to be a Geek!

This is the place to learn about Robert Hayden's Geek Code, lately up to version 3.1.

Specifically, you have the following avenues to explore...

The Geek Generator
Fill in a form and get your code. Written by Dylan Northrup.
The Geek Decoder
This form accepts a Geek Code and then interprets it for you. Recognizes Geek Code v1.x, v2.x, and v3.x!
The Geek Linker
Enter your Geek Code, and this form will generate the necessary HTML to link your code to the Geek Decoder. Following the link will automatically decipher your code!
The Geek Zone
The official home of the Geek Code, which has now degenerated into just an HTML copy of the Code.

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