My Geek Code (v3.1) says....

GO/TW d--(++) s+: a C++$ UB P+ L+ E- W++ N++ o K+ w--- O++$ M V PS++@ PE Y+ PGP+ t+ 5? X R tv+ b+++ DI++++ D++ G++ e-@ h--- r+++ y+++

Geek: GO/TW
I'm a geek of other occupations.
   a geek of technical writing.
Dress: d--(++)
    I range from ...
My t-shirts go a step further and have a trendy political message on them.
    ... to ...
I tend to wear conservative dress such as a business suit or worse, a tie.
Shape: s+:
I'm a little taller than most.
I'm as round as an average geek.
Age: a
I'm between 30 and 39.
Computers: C++$
Computers are a large part of my existence. When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is log myself in. I play games or mud on weekends, but still manage to stay off of academic probation.
    I'm making money at this.
Unix: UB
I have a unix account to do my stuff in.
Perl: P+
I know of perl. I like perl. I just haven't learned much perl, but it's on my agenda.
Linux: L+
I've managed to get Linux installed and even used it a few times. It seems like it is just another OS.
Emacs: E-
Emacs is just too big and bloated for my tastes.
Web: W++
I have a homepage. I surf daily. My homepage is advertised in my .signature.
Usenet: N++
I read all the news in a select handful of groups.
Usenet Oracle: o
I've submitted a question, but it has never been incarnated.
Kibo: K+
I like Kibo.
Windows: w---
Windows has set back the computing industry by at least 10 years. Bill Gates should be drawn, quartered, hung, shot, poisoned, disembowelled, and then REALLY hurt.
OS/2: O++$
I use OS/2 for all my computing needs. I use some DOS and Windows programs, but run them under OS/2. If the program won't run under OS/2, then obviously I don't need it.
    I'm making money at this.
Macintosh: M
I use a mac, but I'm pretty indifferent about it.
I've used VMS.
Politics-Social: PS++@
_unknown social politics code ++@_
Politics-Economic: PE
Distrust both government and business.
Cypherpunks: Y+
I have an interest and concern in privacy issues, but in reality I am not really all that active or vocal.
"Finger me for my public key"
Trek: t+
It's a damn fine TV show and is one of the only things good on television any more.
Babylon 5: 5?
What's Babylon 5?
X-Files: X
Ho hum. Just another Fox show.
Roleplaying: R
Role-Playing? That's just something to do to kill a Saturday afternoon.
Television: tv+
I watch some tv every day.
Books: b+++
I consume a few books a week as part of a staple diet.
Dilbert: DI++++
I've received mail from Scott Adams. I'm in the DNRC (Dogbert's New Ruling Class).
DOOM!: D++
I've played the shareware version and bought the real one and I'm actually pretty good at the game. I occasionally download PWAD files and play them too.
Geek Code: G++
I know what each letter means, but sometimes have to look up the specifics.
Education: e-@
_Unknown education code -@_
Housing: h---
Married, (persons living romanticly with someone might as well label themselves h---, you're as good as there already.)
Relationships: r+++
Found someone, dated, and am now married.
Sex[m]: y+++
I'm married, so I can get it (theoretically) whenever I want.