My Geek Code (v3.0) says....

GM/S/O d-(!)$ a43 C++ L++ W++ w+ Y+ X++ tv-- b+(+++) G e++ h--- r+++ x+ x+++

Geek: GM/S/O
I'm a geek of math.
   a geek of science.
   a geek of other occupations.
Dress: d-(!)$
    I range from ...
I'm usually in jeans and a t-shirt.
    ... to ...
No clothing. Quite a fashion statement, don't you think?
    I'm making money at this.
Age: a43
I am 43 years of age.
Computers: C++
Computers are a large part of my existence. When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is log myself in. I play games or mud on weekends, but still manage to stay off of academic probation.
Linux: L++
I use Linux ALMOST exclusively on my system. I've given up trying to achieve Linux.God status, but welcome the OS as a replacement for DOS. I only boot to DOS to play games.
Web: W++
I have a homepage. I surf daily. My homepage is advertised in my .signature.
Windows: w+
I have installed my own custom sounds, wallpaper, and screen savers so my PC walks and talks like a fun house. Oh yeah, I have a hundred TrueType(tm) fonts that I've installed but never used. I never lose Minesweeper and Solitaire.
Cypherpunks: Y+
I have an interest and concern in privacy issues, but in reality I am not really all that active or vocal.
X-Files: X++
This is one of the better shows I've seen. I wish I'd taped everything from the start at SP, because I'm wearing out my EP tapes. I'll periodically debate online. I've Converted at least 5 people. I've gotten a YAXA..
Television: tv--
I turn my tv on during natural disasters.
Books: b+(+++)
    I range from ...
I enjoy reading, but don't get the time very often.
    ... to ...
I consume a few books a week as part of a staple diet.
Geek Code: G
I know what the geek code is and even did up this code.
Education: e++
Got a bachelors degree
Housing: h---
Married, (persons living romanticly with someone might as well label themselves h---, you're as good as there already.)
Relationships: r+++
Found someone, dated, and am now married.
Sex[f]: x+
I've had real, live sex.
Sex[f]: x+++
I'm married, so I can get it (theoretically) whenever I want.