My Geek Code (v3.1) says....

GCS/IT/M/MU/S d- s:+ a C+++$ UB+++$L++++$ P+$ L++++$ !E W+++$ N* o? !K !w !O M+ !V PS PE Y+ PGP++ !t !5 !X !R tv-() b+(++) DI D G e+++>++++ h+>--- r+>+++ y+

I'm a geek of computer science.
   a geek of information technology.
   a geek of math.
   a geek of music.
   a geek of science.
Dress: d-
I'm usually in jeans and a t-shirt.
Shape: s:+
I'm the height of an average geek.
I'm a little rounder than most.
Age: a
I'm between 30 and 39.
Computers: C+++$
You mean there is life outside of Internet? You're shittin' me! I haven't dragged myself to class in weeks.
    I'm making money at this.
Unix: UB+++$L++++$
I don't need to crack /etc/passwd because I just modified su so that it doesn't prompt me. The admin staff doesn't even know I'm here. If you don't understand what I just said, this category does NOT apply to you.
    I'm making money at this.
I am the sysadmin. If you try and crack my machine, don't be surprised if the municipal works department gets an "accidental" computer-generated order to start a new landfill on your front lawn or your quota is reduced to 4K.
    I'm making money at this.
Perl: P+$
I know of perl. I like perl. I just haven't learned much perl, but it's on my agenda.
    I'm making money at this.
Linux: L++++$
I am a Linux wizard. I munch C code for breakfast and have enough room left over for kernel debugging. I have so many patches installed that I lost track about ten versions ago. Linux newbies consider me a net.god.
    I'm making money at this.
Emacs: !E
I don't use Emacs.
Web: W+++$
I am a WebMaster. Don't even think about trying to view my homepage without the latest version of Netscape. When I'm not on my normal net connection, I surf the web using my Newton and a cellular modem.
    I'm making money at this.
Usenet: N*
All I do is read news.
Usenet Oracle: o?
What's the Usenet Oracle?
Kibo: !K
I intentionally avoid Kibo.
Windows: !w
I don't use Windows.
OS/2: !O
I don't use OS/2.
Macintosh: M+
A mac has it's uses and I use it quite often.
I don't use VMS.
Politics-Social: PS
I really don't have an opinion; nobody's messing with my freedoms right now.
Politics-Economic: PE
Distrust both government and business.
Cypherpunks: Y+
I have an interest and concern in privacy issues, but in reality I am not really all that active or vocal.
I have the most recent version and use it regularly
Trek: !t
I don't watch Star Trek.
Babylon 5: !5
I don't watch Babylon 5.
X-Files: !X
I don't watch X-Files.
Roleplaying: !R
I don't role-play.
Television: tv-()
    I range from ...
I watch tv for the news and 'special programming'.
    ... to ...
I watch only the shows that are actually worth while, such as those found on PBS.
Books: b+(++)
    I range from ...
I enjoy reading, but don't get the time very often.
    ... to ...
I find the time to get through at least one new book a month.
Dilbert: DI
I read Dilbert infrequently, rarely understanding it
I've played the game and I'm pretty indifferent.
Geek Code: G
I know what the geek code is and even did up this code.
Education: e+++>++++
Got a masters degree
    ... but I'd like to be ...
Managed to get my Ph.D.
Housing: h+>---
Living alone, get out once a week to buy food, no more than once a month to do laundry. All surfaces covered.
    ... but I'd like to be ...
Married, (persons living romanticly with someone might as well label themselves h---, you're as good as there already.)
Relationships: r+>+++
I date frequently, bouncing from one relationship to another.
    ... but I'd like to be ...
Found someone, dated, and am now married.
Sex[m]: y+
I've had real, live sex.